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FDA calls Cheerios a drug.

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From General Motors to General Mills Obama tightens his grip on the evil rich. Fortunately his Inordinate Perspicaciousness Barak Insane Obama (Hallowed be thy eminence) has found us a way to strip us of the evil car company and land us in a “eco-friendly” flintstones car. But he isn’t stopping there, next on the list is Cheerios and their outrageous claim that they can lower cholesterol without the governments regulation simply by being healthy. Apparently Cheerios should be classified as a drug not a food, because as we all know eating healthy is a diet that consists of eating pills that are regulated under the FDA. How could we be so blind as to think that toasted whole grain oats could be given to our kids without the proper regulation!!! Don’t worry the Obama admin will probably release a new and improved cereal once they take over called “Super Colon Blow” that was tested out by Saturday Night Live.

What do you think the next bright idea will be? Taking over the cork industry to combat the cows releasing methane gas?