Favorite things

What do you like to do?

Answer #1

read, shoot trap shot my bow in competition walk my dogs ski boating fishing camping poker drive in’s Play Hockey and watch it Riding My harley

and ofcourse My husband and family and my job

Answer #2

Funadvice Watch Movies (we have an insane movie collection over 800 DVD’s) Listen to Music Spend time with my Son Spend time with my Fiance Visit my family Go out to Dinner Hang out with friends

Answer #3

Watching movies/Tv Listen to music Dancing Skating EATING lol Computer


Answer #4

Playing the piano, read, paint, write, do something creative, make bracelets, earings and stuff like that.. for now…like for hollidays, christmas and new year, I make my own cards and send them to friends… :)

Answer #5

Reading, singing, sports, eating, sleeping, music

Answer #6

romance books spending time w/ friends watching tv

Answer #7

horse riding fun advice computer etc..

Answer #8

I love writting books and poetry.I also love to draw.

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