What are some of your favorite styling products?

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I use Aussie hairspray, it works alright but it's one of the only sprays that smells like grape :3 Yummy.

I also like to use Miracle 7 Leave in conditioner, it's a knock off brand of "It's a ten" but it works just as well.

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Thanks (:

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Anytime, I love talking about hair products lol.

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I use tresseme heat protecter. And hair spray I use paul mitchell hold me tight.

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I like the whole john frieda collection, its a little on the expensive side.. 5 or 6 dollars for the shampoo and conditioner.. but it works wonders for my hair. I had dry damaged hair and now its shiny and soft. It works amazing if you get the leave in conditioner and heat protector too. Aussie is also a good brand for the cheaper price. Especially their heat protector. All the youtube beauty gurus rave about it.

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I like Alba products. They have different scented shampoos and conditioners, like coco, vanilla, some tropical ones like mango. And coconut body wash and stuff. And it makes your hair really shiny and smooth!

Elle Xx

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I use this Garnier Fructis Surf Hair wax and I love it! It smells awesome and holds my hair without making it stiff and hard like hairspray.

What's your favorite brand of hair product like Garnier, Aussie, TRESemmé?

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