What are your favortie songs?

What are your favortie songs???

Answer #1

as of right now…yes I have a lot of faves because I honestly cant choose btween ‘emXD ^_^ Famous last words-My chemical romance Welcome to the Black Parade-My chemical romance Phantom of the opera-title song Another Day-RENT Let the flames begin-Paramore When it rains-Paramore I’m not that girl-Wicked

Answer #2

I like the songs, Chances by five for fighting hannah montana butterfly fly away and jason aldean’s songs. !!

Answer #3

Right now?

The Cure - One Hundred Years The Cure - The Hanging Garden Tactical Sekt - 4 Steps To Dysfunction Amduscia - Abarracion En Tu Voz The Birthday Massacre - I Think We’re Alone Now

Answer #4

Demi Lovato’s new album…Pretty much anything, One and the same.

Answer #5

I knew I loved you befor I met you & I’ll be your dream

both by savage garden

Answer #6

The way I am by Ingrid Michealson

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