What Is your favorite scary film?


Answer #1

Does The Hunger Games count? :P

Answer #2

Hm. It’s a tense film, but not scary. Lol

Answer #3

Sad though… how about In Time?

Answer #4

The Shining

Answer #5

It’s definetly sad. Never heard of It.

Answer #6

Oh thats a good one c:

Answer #7

Oh you should watch it, it’s a great movie. Also very sad though… Interesting though, edge of your seat kind of movie :P

Answer #8

Oh, I’m gonna google It now c:

Answer #9

Alfred Hitchcock’s: “The Birds”.

Answer #10

Oh yeah I was scared of birds 2 years after I watched that :L.. I watch it when I was like 9 lol

Answer #11

brilliant idea :)

Answer #12

Ummmmmmmm. It’s not really that scary but I mean…still just as good. The people under the stairs. Awesome!

Answer #13

Is that the one about the 2 kids and they are the last ones on earth? :o

Answer #14

I think all scary films are hilarious XD

Answer #16

Aaaaaaah Shouldn’t have read that :L sounds horrifying lol

Answer #17

Nevermind. Lol:p

Answer #18

Lol It’s a really good movie. Watched It so many times c:

Answer #19

The Ring

Answer #20

Fatal Attraction is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen because it could really happen.

Answer #21

hmm maybe The Orphaned

Answer #22

Insidious. I like the way it was presented. It had a lot of pop ups

Answer #23

Me too. I know it sounds demented, but every time somebody dies in a movie I laugh at it.

Answer #24

That movie was so lame.

Answer #25

That’s my favorite horror film too. :3

Answer #26

Imma horror fan fanatic 2 many 2 list!!

Answer #27

i think poltergeist was my favorite mainly because i watched it when i was like 5 and it scared the crap out of me.

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