What's your favorite romantic movie?

Answer #1

Sweeney Todd :0 and I’m dead serious actually, it’s quite romantic in an odd, twisted way.

Answer #2

Cinderella/most remakes of that movie

Answer #3

Corny but, The Notebook.

Answer #4

A Walk to Remeber, but its sad :’dd :D

Answer #5

its a boy girl thing

Answer #6

Valentines Day, not a movie for everyone but really sweet!

Answer #7

She’s All That no contest=)

Answer #8

umm in a realllLLyy twisted way i think

Answer #9

Titanic :D

Answer #10


Answer #11

Beauty and the beast and The notebook (of course!)

Answer #12

I love Sweeney Todd :D I wouldn’t call it romantic though, really, apart from the end where he dies

Answer #13

500 days of summer (: except it’s sort of sad in the end :L

Answer #14

:O but the whole thing is a love story! Sweeney’s love for his wife leading to revenge. Lovette’s love for Sweeney leading her to help and encourage him :D. I think tragedies make a romance much more romantic.

Answer #15

mine is 4 christmases. love that movie.

Answer #16

Thats one of my favorite too!!

Answer #17

The little mermaid, Corpse bride, Johnny scissor hands, i love gothic romance

Answer #18

i think its more of a tragedy then

Answer #19

Wicker Park!!!

Answer #20

do you mean Edward Scissorhands?

Answer #21

the notebook, edward scissorhands, remember me

Answer #22

omgg love beauty and the beast!

Answer #23

Pretty Woman

Answer #24

Yep, Its like one of the best movies ever xD

Answer #25

I fell asleep to Sweeny Todd… twice! I even tried forcing myself to stay awake but had to go upstairs. so i’ve never seen the ending. hahaha xD

Answer #26

Ahh! I just watched that! It was amazing(:

Answer #27

A Walk to Remember or The Notebook!(:

Answer #28

I love tragic romances. Titanic will always be the best!

Answer #29

Valentines day.. titanic.. the notebook.. and remember me <3 tangled is kinda cute too (:

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