What is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own?

Answer #1

My key necklaces & bracelets.

Answer #2

A silver chanel ring with embossed, tiny crystals. <3

Answer #3

And the chanel bracelet that matches. I lost the earrings.

Answer #4

The claddagh ring my boyfriend gave me. It’s an Irish engagement ring, which for us, was used as a promise ring.

Answer #5

the ring my boyfriend gave mee..

Answer #6

My cross necklace that my Mom got me on my 13th birthday and I never take it off. Except when I clean it :) It means alot to me now after 8 years of wearing it :)

Answer #7

Oooh I love this question. My fave piece of jewelry would be my ‘stolen girlfriend’s club’ silver bow ring, I got it a while ago but I still get many compliments on it. I use it at work to open bobby pins etc because I always get in trouble for using my teeth :|

Answer #8

My diamond earings

Answer #9

ooh too easy, my scrabble ring with an “A” on it, my liquorice bracelet, my leaf ring, thumb ring, bucket earrings, charm bead bracelet, inspire love hope dream and laugh bracelet, i love you letter necklace, french earrings, number earrings, bows earrings, ice cream earrings, flip flop earrings, yeah… i don’t have one favourite piece of jewellery

Answer #10

if in school yes i will tell other people that im upset but it all depends on the situation that i am in.

Answer #11


Answer #12

sorry wrong question hahaha

Answer #13

sorry wrong question hahaha

Answer #14

A ring i have..nothing special..it was only like $10, but ive had it for so long lol

Answer #15


Answer #16

this blsck braclet with a red bead my grandmother gave to me. i always wear it. its my lucky braclet

Answer #17

i don’t have much jewelery but i like heart charm bracelets,

Answer #18

It’s probably a tie between my “wedding jewelry”, the necklace from my hubby and the matching earrings from my dad I got on my wedding day or the jingle heart necklace from my grandma she got me last year for Christmas.

Answer #19

the peace necklace my boyfriend gave me for christmas last year. :)

Answer #20

A Heart Necklace. :)

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