What's your favorite music genre, band from that genre, and why?

Answer #1

I’d have to say alternative rock is my favourite genre, and i really enjoy listening to Marianas Trench because their lyrics often have some sort of story line behind it, and their music is usually upbeat and fun to listen to. I also really respect all of their voices because every member of the band can sing high and low harmonies and it’s really quite enjoyable to listen to.

Answer #2

Rock. A band in England called Status Quo are my all time favourite. Just grew up with them and love the music.

Answer #3

I like pop…Sara Barellies is pretty good and so Is Jason Mraz and all those guys. Pop is like almost all that plays on the radio, and it’s almost like there should be different genre’s in the Genre because they’re are so many different songs that are pop, but they all sound unique. And I like S.B. and J.M. because they’re music is soft but fun, and has cool meanings. Plus it’s fun dancing music :)

Answer #4

Doom .. because it’s so deep and each song has its own hidden msgs that touch an inner side inside me that no one else can see .. favorite bands ?! Draconian and Virgin Black

Answer #5

Favorite genre is Rock & Metal. Favorite band is Metallica - there the first band I ever remember really wanting to listen to more.

Answer #6

Alternatice rock, 30 Seconds to Mars because Jared screams, there’s wonderful acoustics, the voice is emotive and the lyrics all have meaning

Answer #7

I agree , I went to their concert last month and they are awesome .! besides Jared is freaking hot :P

Answer #8

Yes he is! gawd, I wish I had watched the concert, but the tickets were sold out. ;o;

Answer #9

Victorian industrial. Because its very unique and the lyrics are amazing. Its victorian music with wicked background music or beats.

Answer #10

Pop. i really like The Script but i don’t know if their songs were blues, pop or alternative rock? i think it’s a mixed. And why i like them? because i love their songs, the lyrics and the music. They’re COOL. I’m collecting stuff related to their group and just recently i got myself a personalized poster from online printing companies, i just submitted a picture of The Script to http://funadvice.com/r/15btr25lgcl and have to pay online.

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