What is your least favorite household chore and what do you do to make it more bearable?

Answer #1

Bathroom cleaning and Laundry but to move things along I do it in the afternoons so I can blast the music :)

Answer #2

Dishes, because it hurts my back and is very tiring. Usually, I get some help from someone, mainly my boyfriend. One of us washes them, and the other rinses and puts them in the dish drainer…then later after they are dry, we both work together to put them away to get it done quicker. :)

Answer #3

I always blast music while I clean too. :)

Answer #4

You have a good boyfriend ;) My husband isn’t too big on cleaning…I usually do it all myself. Dishes are the worst. I have a sink full that I keep giving the evil eye to. LOL They’re not going anywhere!

Answer #5

Haha, yeah. I am very thankful for my boyfriend. He’s great. He doesn’t mind cleaning, cooking, etc… I can’t stand the type of guy who refuses to help because he believes it’s strictly woman’s work..or that it is our ‘duty’. -__-

Answer #6

Cleaning my room and I listen to music

Answer #7

Cleaning, but I usually make my mom do it. xD

Answer #8

making up mii bed

Answer #9

I do not like to fold cloths, it just takes so long.

Answer #10

Dishes. I watch a fun movie or turn up some dance music.

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