What is your favorite thing to do when your at home alone?

Answer #1

I usually like to play MGO or I just stare into space and think. I do the 2nd option more though, it’s very relaxing for me and it can help me sort out my thoughts :)

If I’m feeling daring, I might actually try to cook something ( I honestly can’t cook when I’m home alone). I could try drawing something or do a bit of origami but other then that, I usually don’t have much to do!

Answer #2

Just play around

Answer #3

Haha, I usually sing a lot when I am home a lot, kind of shy and don’t like to when everyone is here. Normally, someone is always here, so I am very rarely left alone.

Answer #4

i get left alone all the time

Answer #5

listen to music hella loud like through the whole house (:

Answer #6

I don’t, my dad is usually gone out doing something, my mom is always here annoying me LOL, and my bf is always here. He lives with me. =]

Answer #7

Sing/ scream along with my music. About the only thing I do differently. Music tends to be a little louder too.

Answer #8

that sucks that your mom is always home seeing how your bf lives with you

Answer #9

Not really, lol, we have been living together for about 6 months now, we have a bedroom, and a lock on the door. My mom is cool, not one of those freak out types. haha.

Answer #10

oh so she doesnt care when you you know

Answer #11

surf the net all day. wait, that’s what i do even when im not alone. :S

Answer #12

Nope, she isn’t stupid. She knows a male and a female that are sleeping in the same bed every night, are going to do things at some point. Besides, she knows that I am mature, and in love. She can tell that I am in love, and that I have never loved my past bf’s this way. I lost my virginity to him, we are in love, we have been together for 9 months, and we are in the process of trying to find jobs, and finish school. So that we can move out into our own place, and eventually get married.

Answer #13

oh ok thats cool i would just feel weird being loud and all

Answer #14

Yea, well we try and keep it a little quiet, and we always turn the TV on or radio or something.

Answer #15

yeah thats hard for me to keep it down

Answer #16

Haha, yeaa…We make it work though =P

Answer #17

yeah i guess you have to. I couldnt do it

Answer #18

looks like we are having a conversation about this on someone else page haha. I couldnt do it im kinda loud

Answer #19

Lol yea…

Answer #20


Answer #21

i mean thats just me but i couldnt do that with my parents home

Answer #22

Yea, a lot of people can’t…it all depends on your situation I guess.

Answer #23

Pig out Dx

Answer #24

yeah i guess and depends how loud you get too cause some people dont get loud at all

Answer #25

I love oragami. I always wanted to learn how to do it. I tried it in art class a couple years ago, but didnt work out well. Then I tried it again recently and made a butterfly and lady bug…Heh not the best of work though.

Answer #26

I pretty much stay on here or play with my racoon, but I do that when my husband is home as well.

Answer #27

I love To Draw And Play On The Computer! :]

Answer #28

oh thats cool i usually just play around the house

Answer #29

well, when my flatmate isnt here for a few days I can be really lazy and just do nothing. My boyfriend will usually stay with me and we will just relax and waste time! So much fun!

Answer #30

I blast my music as loud as i can and try to annoy my neighbors or i read.

Answer #31

wouldnt u liket to know.. wink, wink

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