What is your favorite game to play on your Nintendo DS?

Answer #1

At the moment, Pokemon and Rune Factory.

Answer #2

0.0 Which pokemon do you have?

Answer #3

I have Pokemon Diamond.

Answer #4

For DS? Diamond, Pearl and Soul Silver, unfortunately I haven’t had much time for SS. I may pick up Platinum eventually. I love the games XD

Answer #5

That makes me sad. I want SS really bad. Im stuck on Diamond. I cant find anymore new pokemon to add to my collection. Pokemon is awesome.

Answer #6

Mario Kart

Answer #7

super mario bros

Answer #8

I’m a Zelda geek! I also Super Mario bros. and Brain Age…

Answer #9

do you have the zelda game that just recently came out…spirit something lol

Answer #10

Pokemon pearl and heart gold >.<

Answer #11

I DON’T!!! :( My buddy is going to let me borrow his. My friends and I swap games instead of spending so much money on buying copies of the same game…I’m too broke! lol Have you played it?

I AM saving money for the “Zelda Skyward Sword” thats coming out in early 2011 for the wii! I’m so excited!!!

Answer #12

any pokemon game

Answer #13

No I havent played it. I want though

Answer #14

I want to though*

Answer #15

Pokemon :D

Answer #16

I have a Game Boy advance SP, and my all-time favourites are all the Zelda games.

Answer #17

Woop woop! Zelda rocks!!

Answer #18

I have a lot of DS games, but I think my favorite is Photo Dojo. You download it from the DSWare store online. It’s cool because if you have a DSi, you can take pictures of yourself or your friends in different poses and with different facial expressions and then use them to create fighter characters. You also record your own sound effects for the game. It can be really hilarious if people do really goofy poses and sound effects for the game. You can play it solo or share the DS with a friend. One player uses the D pad while the other uses the buttons to control their fighter. It’s like a home made Street Fighter game!

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