What was your favorite game to play as a child?

Answer #1

As far as video games go Super mario, duckhunt, donkey kong. Outside games, hide n seek, sardines, horse.

Answer #2

Me and MandyLoo have that in common, Donky Kong, Super Marios, but I also loved playing my brothers wrestling games, he got me into that.

Answer #3

me and my cousins used to play lion king, were we would all pretend to be one of the characters from lion king and we would crawl around on the floor on all fours and act like animals :$

Answer #4

Pokemon. Video game, and non-video game. We used to pretend that waterballoons were pokemon and we’d battle each other.. Haha.

Answer #5

As a little kid, I made up my own games quite a bit. I’d take pieces from chess, checker, board games like Clue etc. and draw my own game boards, make my own cards (sometimes) and come up with my own rules.

I also really liked Risk. I even made a new map for it that was a blown up scale of the USA. The rules were set in the far future when the government collapses and different groups fight to take over the land. I called it Civil War II

Answer #6

well i grew up when the atari era was huge and im not about to state my fave 2600 games lol

erm my fave commodore 64 game was robocop, out run and ghostbusters :p

Answer #7

both my sisters are older than me and they were always hoarding the family computer playing mario, super contra, ducktales, circus charlie, pacman, gattaca, etc. :s so that left me playing with kids outside the house, my favorite ‘play’ was putting leaves in a skewer and barbecuing them :s i know, weird. I also played outdoor games such as hide and seek and other tag games.

Answer #8

sonic the hedgehog, super mario,skate ect.

Answer #9

Sonic the hedgehog!!!

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