What's your favorite drive-thru drink?

What is your favorite drive-thru beverage?

Soda? Milk Shake? Coffee?

What and why? And, where?

Answer #1

underwaterophelia: which cherry Coke are you talking about? The drink Coke sells with cherry in it or the cherry coke they make by mixing cherry syrup with Coke? The cherry Coke made with Coke+syrup is far superior to the canned cherry Coke. Sonic will make you a good cherry Coke. Waffle House also makes cherry cokes thought they aren’t quite as good as Sonic. Sonic used to put a few cherries in cherry Cokes and cherry limeades but sadly they no longer do this.

Answer #2

I just love an fountain cola. My favorite of the moment is cherry Pepsi, but I also love Coke.

Answer #3

I like chocolate shakes

Answer #4

trpical smothiee stawberry because its healthy (kinda) and its delious

Answer #5

Green tea with honey and with a slice of lemon

Answer #6

Sonic Cherry Limeade

Far better than any soda

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