What's your favorite brand/type/flavor of gum?

Answer #1

Eclipse (Winterfrost) for fresh breath, if going out on a date. Trident (Watermelon or Orange) just cause it tastes good

Answer #2

Extra, the one with the snow flakes on it lol

Answer #3

cant deny it i love me some juicy fruit

Answer #4

Extra - Polar Ice.

Answer #5

That 5 gum is pretty alright.

Answer #6

das good too XD

Answer #7

The best! :D

Answer #8

Dentyne Fire Gum, Spicy Cinnamon

Answer #9

Gum is disgusting. It gives me the chills. It makes me want to throw up. When my boyfriend or sister chews it I kick them out of the room. I cannot stand the smell of it. I cannot stand unpacking it at work because my hand smells like it afterwards. It is disgusting. It is a blob of plastic that is chewed over and over again like chewing the same food over and over again. Not to mention all the saliva. It is sticky, gets stuck on everything after getting chewed on and having plenty of spittle in and all over it. It genuinely freaks me out. Ughhhhhhhhh.

Answer #10

Excel winter mint… Gotta have that fresh breath for the ladies haha. Not a fan of the candy/fruity flavors at all… Strictly a mint guy

Answer #11

I LOVE BIG RED. lol but I can never find it anywhere now. Haven’t had it in over 2 years. lmbo. I like mint flavor cause it really freshens my breath and doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste like the fruit stuff does. :$

Answer #12

Big Red!!

Answer #13

I can’t remember the brand but I love apple pie flavor ^^

Answer #14

Extra <3 and extra apple pie is good (l)

Answer #15

TRIDENT!!!!! <3

Answer #16

Hey that’s my favorite too!! <3 The only minty gum I like

Answer #17


Answer #18


Answer #19

Yay! :D

Answer #20

haha you have the best answer :D

Answer #21

It’s cause I’m awesome. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.

Answer #22

bahaha :D

Answer #23

spearmint :)

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