What's your favorite brand of clothing/type of clothing?

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Miss Me Jeans, Toms, and All of Nordstroms haha

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All of the clothes at Kohls:D

What is your favroite clothes brand?

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Nothing on my a_s, but Tommy Hilfiger & American Eagle "A.E."
& Duke shirt's, year round.. Thank's for asking. What about you?

Whats your favorite brand of jeans???
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ohh thats cool (: and i love american eagle and hollister clothes lol

What type of clothing suits an hourglass figure?

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armani, levis , gucci , lacoste nd ya my indian traditional dresses..:)

What are some sick brand clothes?
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Right on! see, I knew we shared @ least one thing in

What is your favorite cosmetic brand?

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i love Aeropostale hoodies.

What type of fashion would you like in clothes?
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What type of clothing

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I like messing around with meh style. I like to try new things. I'm not a girl girly dresser. i love pink and purple but i'm not into dresses, skirts, makeup, and shorty shorts. I like forever 21, though, and claires, hot topic, jc penny's, macy's, wet seal, american eagle, aeropostle, and old navy. I'm 11 so...yeah. Urban outfiters and zumiez has some good stuff once in a while. i'm quite a shopper. shopaholic actually. I wear alot of sporty shirts, jeans, leggings, vests, and stuff. if i answered ur questions good can you answer mine? scroll through this fun advice page and find my question...where can i find cheap raglan shirts. if you don't know what a raglan is click on the question and read the description. hope i helped. and thanks

Your favorite brand?
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I don't like brands personally, I find them extremely uncreative and I'd rather not look the same as everyone else, thanks :) Nowadays I shop at vintage stores downtown for my shirts and I get my skinnies from Urban Planet, Jean Machine, Bluenotes...wherever they sell jeans, pretty much.

What is your favorite article of clothing you own RIGHT NOW?
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I don't go by brands at all, I shop everywhere, and buy whatever suits me or that I like.

What's your favorite brand of hair product like Garnier, Aussie, TRESemmé?

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