Answer #1

i really wish spiderman was in it :( if he was it would be him. but since not id say iron man.

Answer #2

Spider-man would’ve killed the entire ambiance. His presence would’ve been overwhelming. Also there working on a new Spider-man movie with a new actor. So it would’ve been too much confusion. But to answer your question I’d have to say Thor is my favorite, but with the movies Iron Man.

Answer #3

Probably Captain America or Thor, only because my dad had some of their comics and I read them growing up. I see the reasoning behind Spiderman not being in the film as well. From what I can tell the new movie is centered around the origins of the Avengers and Spiderman wasn’t one of the originals.

Answer #4

I think I’m going to have to say Iron Man - I love him! xD

Answer #5

My favorite is a toss up between Iron Man & Thor. I love Norse mythology, but I also love Iron Man super power: money!

I will say after watching The Avengers, I like The Hulk a lot more. Up until this movie he was kinda annoying. Gets angry, smashes everything in site. Didn’t do it for me. He has a lot more personality in The Avengers.

Answer #6

That’s easy: Emma Peel!

Answer #7

In general, I’d say Hawk Eye. They got an amazing actor to play him in the movie too! But in terms of performance in the movie, iron man. Robert Downey Jr. Is a beast!

Answer #8

Iron Man. Mmmm Robert Downy Jr. Yum.

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