who is your fave teen pop star and why ?

my fave is miley because i love her career and i think she is a good actor and a great singer ,i can not wit for her movie lol to come out . i hope its gd like the last song . the last song was a great movie i think she still should of more emotion in the crying scene. don’t u think miley should act in comedy movies . she needs to work on her acting if she whats people to like her movies and maybe win awards for her roles . wish u all the best of luck miley in ur acting

Answer #1

I think Selena Gomez. I think she acts the way she should but Mileys gone a little wild. Selena shows affection to her fans and even spends time making video blogs for them. She presents herself as a mature responsible girl unlike Miley to be honest. She is also beautiful and is very good at singing and acting. Miley Cyrus is the next Britney spears and we can see where Britney spears is heading in her life now. I’m just curious to see what becomes of Selena because all these Disney stars eventually change.

Answer #2

i think Selena is a great actor but u don’t know of Selena is really wild just because miley is wild does=net make her a bad person we all show our wild side sometimes . i don’t miley is the next Brittney spears i think she way smaterer than than that to put herself in that spot .

Answer #3

people need to leve miley alone.. she is 18 and no londer a disney star she is not the little girl that she was when ahe first started hannah montana. im sure there are thinds selane ahas done that people would call “wild”. im sure u will at one point… everyone grows up and tht is sinply wht miley is doing…

Answer #4

I understand, fair enough. Everyones entitled to their own opinion I was just stating mine :-) sorry if this upset you or something.

Answer #5

no didnt upset me, just stated my opinon

Answer #6

Selena Gomez.shes very classy and has good morals.

Answer #7

Team Miley/Hannah Montana :D

Answer #8

i like miley and Selena Gomez i think they are both great in what they do

Answer #9

true she has gd parents that keep her grounded u know that’s why she turns out to be such a great person and that why like about her . some diseny teens don’t have what she has . alot these teens changed and forgotten that there parents sufferd in the mistakes they do and it can really cause problems for them u know

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