What is your favourite frozen treat?

Like ice cream, sorbet, fudge cicles etc…

Answer #1

I enjoy frozen greek yogurt

Answer #2

Those are yummy frozen

Answer #3

FROZEN YOGURT. I love it so much more than ice cream.

Answer #4

I have to agree, frozen yogurt is so goood! And custard :) Mmmmm

Answer #5

;o I’\ve never had frozen custard in my life.

Answer #6

Ahhhh that is the best

Answer #7

i like the smell of christmass trees

Answer #8

Fozen custard from Shake’s. mmmmmm

Answer #9

Lime sherbet c(“

Answer #10

Hhahaha : ) i like the jolley rancher icecream..

Answer #11

My great grandmother used to give me pineapple sherbet every time my family went to visit her and I’ve loved pineapple sherbet ever since then lol although I hardly ever get any of it anymore :(

Answer #12

Haha: ) christmas trees?? the smell

Answer #13

yeah! go and smell one. ahh they smell nice

Answer #14

i dont have christmas trees here yet its not X-mas time yet..

Answer #15

Frozen cakes from DQ :)

Answer #16

it not christmas here yet. but in the shops they are putting christmas stuff out already and i got kicked out of the shop cause i was just standing there smeelling the tree.

Answer #17

Watermelon flavored frozen yogurt, yummm. Or frozen chocolate covered bananas.

Answer #18

haha ill try that next time?

Answer #19

Ice-cream… For my fitness’s sake I have to eat the low-calorie stuff though :P.

Answer #20


Answer #21

Hard to pick one. Raspberry sorbet or mint chocolate chip ice cream I suppose.

Answer #22


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