Fav car?

What's your favorite car and why?

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RANGE ROVER SPORT <3 I feel like its so charesmatic ! amazing ,,specially when its black !...I also luv the cayenne turbo ! <3

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My favourite is the Japanese-made Toyota Celica. The suspension on ours is terrible but these care are well made and seem to go forever!

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My favorite car is the 2000-2002 Pontiac Trans Am, preferrably in black. Why? Oh must you ask? It's one of the hottest American muscle cars ever. It's got that monstrous v8 power, has few direct competitors in price or performance and you just gotta love that sharp, aggressive exterior. The Pontiac Trans Am will always be remember for leaving that stench of burned rubber at every traffic light. Only con is that no more were produced after 2002. Damn, that was dumb. Trans Am's can hang right with new vette's. They outrun the lt1 stock vette's and their easy to mod. What's not to love...

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smart cars because their very small and very cute

what does it mean when your car jumps when shifting?

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1987 Ford Bronco II. Why? You can drive anywhere with that thing.

How can I connect my ipod with my car(saturn)?
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1957 bel air, with a flame paint job.
yummy my dream car.

Would you ever have hydraulics on your car?

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my fave car is in 1 of my profile pics and I own it haha

What is the costliest car running in the world?
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my favorite is a porche.

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Not really into cars but I love the lincoln mark LT truck...mainly bc it looks good doe no special reason

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I like jaguars

Do you have to be eighteen to drive a rental car?
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My fav. is a 1968 Plymouth 'Cuda.

What are some good cars for short people?
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1969 fastback red Ford Mustang! Search for it it's super sweet!

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[link removed] second one down. the pink one. cuz something like that could make me money and then i could either spend the money or invest it in to another truck.

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