How can I lose 27lbs?

im 14 years old and im 227pounds how can i get down to 200 pounds in a month please help

Answer #1

There are so many different ways to loose weight, I know some people hate diets but if there is one diet out there that I believe actually works its Weight Watchers, I know it seems silly but trust me its not that bad!! And if you didnt really want to go on a “diet” then just watch what you eat and how much you eat. I’ve started walking and it helps out a lot it’s also good for stress and you’ll feel a lot better when you start. … And I agree with melissain46176 drink lots of water instead of cokes, that alone will help out tremendously!! Good luck, and whatever you do, do it for yourself!!

Answer #2

I recomend taking vinagar pills (all natural) they are really cheap at a health food store…. Then drink a lot of water instead of a coke drink water…. I am 21 and I use to weigh 245 lbs.. I now weigh 205 pounds it took me a little while but I walk around a lot turn up the radio and dance around lol Just have fun and love your self for who you are….. It took me a while to realise big is beautiful.

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