Why do you get fatter when you drink milk?

Answer #1

because milk has fat in it :)

Answer #2

Haha I knew that! lol. Thankks:)

Answer #3

try the 1% tastes better in my opinion less fat & calories!

Answer #4

Um,if you drink like vitamind D or whole milk,you could. It has more calories.. I love skim milk<33 and 1% is okay 2. -If you work off the calories you initake,then you won’t gain anything,you’ll lose it ^_^

Answer #5

Haha thanks this helped alot!! :)

Answer #6

Np XD -soy milk i think has less calories then milk too :P and i heart soy milk as well. Although it useally costs more

Answer #7

1% is just milk with water eww

Answer #8

Yeah it does but it taste kinda weird..

Answer #9

no it isnt…that may be skim milk…1% is really good…I cant even dare drink anything over 1% it makes me so sick I want to gag. I guess it is because I got used to drinking 1% for so many years…

Answer #10

if you get vanilla flav or chocolate it’s yummy<3 Even this one milk called Rice Dream,it’s like milk made from rice or something. It’s pretty good as well. ^_^ but the healthest milk you could ever drink is goat’s milk. It taste really gross,but it’s much healthier then cow’s milk. My aunt used to milk her goats and sell it. I guess it has better vitamins or something.

Answer #11

Hmm i see. i tryed it but its like kinda waterly my mom is making me stop drinking milk:( she said i drink to much so now i only get 1 glass a week..

Answer #12

Oh i see but eww goat milk i never heard of that.. but idk i tryed it once i didnt really seem to likke the soy milk.

Answer #13

Yeah goat’s milk is nasty to me. it’s worth a shot drinking though. The only place i know where to get it,is like a health food store where they sell herbs and stuff. And if you don’t like soy milk that’s k. But skim milk is the lowest in calories and has no fat that i know of. And i like it :) ..Useally people don’t but i think it’s yummy<3

Answer #14

Haha i think its kinda nasty its like milk and water mixed together. so idk. my mommy will only let me have one glass of milk a week i drink way to much

Answer #15

Hmm. To each his own. -1% would be the next best thing with milk if you are worried about gaining weight. The thing is,you don’t gain weight unless you injest more calories you don’t work off. You could eat like 2,000 calories a day,but if you exercised like crazy and did everthing to work them off,you wouldn’t gain anything. The trick is,working off more calories then you eat :)

Answer #16

Hahaa I know I exercise alot, but she still says it’s bad for me. It’s like I am addicted to it.. like i have to have mike always.. i am always craving it. why?

Answer #17

Hmm.. Possiblity,i’m not sure but lik for example,i drink a lot of milk too and i get serious bad cramps because of the hormons that are milk. I get to much hormons in my body (a doc told me about this,that this is most likey the reason i get such bad cramps) so if you aren’t getting enough estrogen (i think i spelled that right) sense their is hormons in milk bought at the store,your body could be craving it because of the hormons. it’s like chocolate,most woman crave it because of the chemical that triggers off the indorphines (again,i think i spelled that right,haha i’m not the greatest speller) and so most woman crave chocolate when they are deppressed because of the chemicals in it. Or you just really like milk lol. You could try seeing your doctor about this and maybe he/she might know :)

Answer #18

Thanks! this really helped me alot. :)

Answer #19

np XD glad i helped

Answer #20

your pretty cool! :)

Answer #21

Yay i feel awesome now XD -btw if the doc does tell you ur not getting enough hormons,i beleive it’s called Black Cohosh,it’s suppose to help with that. You can get it at walmart. I like to take natural stuff. Cause i hate taking meds with all the side effects and ahh. ^_^

Answer #22

Wow! ok:) and yeah you are. and hey one more thing. why am i alwayys tired all the time?

Answer #23

Same thing about the hormones. It almost sounds like you might have a thyriod issue. I used to have a really low thyriod. it made me tired all the time and screwed up my hormons. Try to get a blood test and tell your doc about what’s been going on. If you are prone to gaining weight,even if you exercise a lot and if your tired all the time,yeah it sounds like your thyriod.

And ty for the compliment your cool too ^_^

Answer #24

-btw,do you get really deppressed for no reason at times and are u useally really slugish feeling?

Answer #25

Only one glass a week? Does your mother not realize how important Calcium is fro growing girls? You need it for healthy bones and teeth. You should be drinking at least a glass a day.

Answer #26

Because Milk has saturated fats in it, which causes weight gain. Try low fat or skim milk, (I personally can’t stand skim milk), they have less fat and more calcium in them.

Answer #27

wow.. and yes i do get depressed all the time for no reason.. i thought it was pms?

Answer #28

I know but i drink to much of it.. im a adict lol

Answer #29

I don’t like low fat:/ that’s the sad part I like whole milk.

Answer #30

I also like the whole milk, therefore I drink it. I just make sure that I do not drink to much. everything in moderation.

Answer #31

I drink milk every day and I don’t get fat :) neither does anyone I know…

Answer #32

Could be from a low thyriod. Go get a blood test hun. ^_^ …If that is the issue,then it will help you to get some meds for it! Trust me i know

Answer #33

Moderation is good. I guess i’m like the only person who loves skim milk<3 haha. -But like i said,as long as you work off the calories you injest then you won’t gain weight. ^_^

Answer #34

ahh! no meddss!

Answer #35

I hate meds too.. I took some for about a year for my thyriod and it fixed it. I started taking kelp capsules after that. Kelp is like seaweed or whatever.. But yeah,i take it everyday ^^ the iodine with help your thyriod if it’s low. You can buy em where they sell herbs and stuff ^^ Plus iodine helps hair to grow hehe

Answer #36

Is that even a good thing lol i kinda wanna know what you meant about the last thing you said! and yeahh i dont like that stuff:p

Answer #37

is what a good thing?

Answer #38

you said Plus iodine helps hair to grow hehe and i am asking is that a good thing??

Answer #39

yeah lol if you want long hair anyways. Iodine is really good for hair skin and nails. ^_^

Answer #40

ohh okk i see now lol. :) wow we have a really long convo in here i over read it. i dont think i spelled that right..

Answer #41

haha npXD if you ever want to talk about this or other stuff you can just funmail me

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