What can i do to make me fat?

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um.. why do you want to be fat? do you mean what can I do to gain weight? will first of all...

o gain weight fast? Eat more calories,period. You can eat nothing but McDonalds for a whole month and you'll gain a whole lot of weight. That's horribly unhealthy though, and you'll be a blob of lard at the end. I think you may mean "How do you gain muscle mass fast while not turning into a sack of fat?" Eat fruits,vegetables, whole grains and lean sources of protein (skim milk, lean chicken breast, turkey). You don't need an excessive amount of protein, about 1.6 g of protein per kg of muscle mass, (about .75 grams of protein per pound muscle mass). Always consume something healthy (such as a high fiber granola bar) when you're hungry in between meals. Join a gym, and meet with a personal trainer to get an exercise/weight lifting plan that works for you.

good luck

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How to GAIN weight?

First, determine from the information below, what your weight should be. Then set yourself goals of a week, 2 weeks, a month, 3 months, 6 months and a year. As you see yourself meeting your goals it becomes easier.

If you need conversion info, 1 kg = 2.2 pounds and 2.54 cm = 1 inch (12 inches = 1 foot)

Info if you are trying to GAIN weight:


Normal Adult Height-Weight Range Table


Average Teenager Weight


Check out this link for exercise information:


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how to become fat?

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