How can i stay on the wagon and lose weight?

I am 3 stone over weight and a compulsive eater. I have no control. I will be going strong and dieting well then bang everything erupts. The weight is slowly but surley going on and the more that goes on the unhappier I feel.
No one understands. I try to talk to my fiance but he thinks I am being stupid. When I first met him I weighed 10 stone and now I am reaching 13.
I have tried all the diets going but please if you have any tips help me. None of my clothes fit me, I hate going out with friends as I am scared what they will think. Even at work I no longer go out at lunch times. Any advise? I think I am a lost cause.

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oh honey i feel for you. your think to much about this worry is stress and that add wieght. change your life start with the little things like change your house around as a reminder to yourself change is on the way. If your car it messy keep it clean or any thing that is out order in your life. i lost 40pounds doing this. i even bought a ring to remind me of my next step. every time i saw that ring on my hand i knew change was on the way. oh it took me 2 years to trim off the 40 pounds. in the evenings when i wanted to eat like crazy i would instead clean like crazy have coffee and just clean the hell out of my house and life. so in the morn i would look around and think wow my house looks great and i feel great. happiness is there for the taken. make yourself happy. ps my car is super shiney like the smile on my face.

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First off, reexamine your relationship with your fiance. You are the same person at 180 lbs that you were at 140 lbs. If your fiance is already thinking less of you just because you gained some weight how accepting is he going to be of you as you face life's challenges in upcoming decades? Your guy needs to grow up and learn to be more understanding.

For most people it is easy to gain weight and hard to loose it. Unfortunately it gets worse as you get older (believe you me I know the hard way!). The only workable solution is to stop thinking short term and think long term. Don't worry so much about your present weight or how quickly you can loose it; think of what life habits you can get into to be healthier for the rest of your life. Learn to eat more vegetables and whole grains. Find someplace to work out and get into the habit of going several times a week. Find people who are interested in the same activities that you are and do it with them; knowing you will be missed is a great motivator on those days you'd rather stay in bed than walk the mall or swim at the Y.

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sounds like u have a thiroid problem consult a doctor and dont be affraid to to anything about.....its not gnna change on its own....either u accecpt it and live in ur own missary or u go out and do sumthing about it urself......good things in life u HAVE to get urself!! try it!

im a teenager.i WANNA lose weight!

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