How can I make myself look skinny without weight loss?

Im fat .. How can I make myself look skinny without weight loss?

Answer #1

if you dont want to lose weight, maybe exercise? may not necessarily make you look skinnier… but you will look more toned and feel more confident… I find that having my hair up makes my face look thinner, but I like having my hair down. jeans which flare at the bottom make legs look longer

Answer #2

You can wear certain types of clothes to make you look smaller? Depending on your figure (pear, hourglass etc) this should help you out…

Answer #3

arch your back, like bend backwards a bit, and suck in your stomach but dont let off that you are. still breath but just pull it in. try this in the mirror and master is. it works for me.

Answer #4

first of all make sure you always wear clothes that FIT. I think women look fatter when they wear clothes that are way too tight or way too loose. Try going for pants that go straight down from the hip (straight legged) and blazer coats that have a good shape and go in at the waist so it gives you a nice curve. Wear V-neck sweaters/t-shirts, Get a good supportive bra and wear heels, they will help elongate your legs. Never tuck in your shirt into your pants.

Answer #5

Maybe wearing clothes with vertical lines or stripes.

Answer #6

Well,theres always the fact that black clothing can slim you. also,try vertical stripes. Excercising is always good.I had a problem with my legs looking a bit fat,so I would go running. Wearing heels can help,but they can make your legs sore so make sure they are comfortable.

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