Fasting blood sugar

My fasting blood sugar was 134 this morning…could this just be a fluke?

Answer #1

a fasting blood sugar is when you go all night without anything to eat or drink.If you want an accurite blood sugar go to your doctors and get an A1c. it tests your sugar for the last 3 months. you also have to fast when you go to get this test too.I don’t understand why you would want diabetes.It is a horrible health problem that can lead to major problems even death. My husband has diabetes and we have to constantly monitor it and watch that he doesn’t get cuts and stuff on his feet, because with diabetes you don’t always feel when something happens. A friend of ours had to have his leg cut off up to his knees, because he got a sore on his foot, that went all the way to the bone and wouldn’t heal up. So my advice is if you don’t have diabetes, thank the Lord every day.

Answer #2

um…well I would wait a day and do it again…are you sure you where fasting correctly I still don’t get why you want diabeties…there is no way you can do something so you can get it…it takes a long time to get usually even if you are over weight

Answer #3

I don’t want diabetes…my friend wants it…not me. agre3614banna type one diabetes usually happens overnight…literally.

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