What are some personal reasons you have fasted?

What are some personal reasons you have fasted..?

Answer #1

lol. your flesh is one voice.. the ae voice that tells you to sin tells you to eat. So I discipline my flesh by it..

plus.. not to get stuff from God always, but to how Him that I love Him more that food

Answer #2


Oh I fast when I am stressed out or did something terribly wrong that made me feel guilty.I just sit down and sob and cry and lament every frustration I have on God.Ask him a million questions.Get angry get sad tell God exactly how I feel.Cry a river.Then tell God I love him no matter what.Praise and worship him usually by singing.Not too loud tho because my father isn’t religious.

Spend the rest of the day reading the scriptures and contemplating on my life and God.And before you know it it’s already dark and time to take a shower and break the fast.

What I get out of it?…miracles,confirmation,answers,and a stead fast faith.

Answer #3

I fast as a christiain when havin BIG troubles. umm before skewll started by a day I fasted so thngs can go well and it is! lol mmm when you juss need to you know. but theres always a purpose lol

Answer #4

I fast because am Muslim

Answer #5

I don’t =] I don’t see the point in it, it doesn’t achieve anything… except to lose weight… =]

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