What are some good fashion sites/blogs to follow?

I’m getting into fashion and would like to follow a site/blog to know what’s good, bad, tips and whats in trend.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Answer #1

there is a blog on blue inc if that helps

Answer #2

Vogue has one, so does cosmo, etc…any larger media publication that covers fashion will have one. If it helps, New York Times frequently ends up being the ‘source’ for trends in the larger media as it’s the most widely read newspaper…so that would be my #1 for their fashion section if you wanted to stay ahead of the curve.

Answer #3

lookbook.nu is great. You post your ‘looks’, your outfits that you are wearing today and people ‘hype’ (like) them. The ones with the most hypes go to the Hot page. It’s really good for getting fashion inspiration from real people all around the world. And you can submit your own now (you used to have to have an invite code).

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