Famous and historin people

Sry I am board. Just wondering are you related to any famouse or historic people (person) Me I am related to Davy Crockett and some Dutches and Dukes in England. :)

Answer #1

When I was younger my grandparents used to tell me that I was related to the “real” pocahontas. I doubt it’s true, but we are from the same indian tribe that she was supposedly from, and there are stories that were passed down through the generations of a beautiful ancestor that met, fell in love with, and married a white man.

Answer #2

Wow, thats cool(: Some how my family is related to the guy who played Superman on like the very first movie. I thinks its whatever really but oh well(: haha.

Answer #3

I’m related to the Current Prez of Mexico Felipe Calderon… but we are distant so never met him personally. (I dont want to either)

Answer #4

Not related, but I use to play with Dana Carvey (SNL) when we were kids…


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