How do I know if a movie is suitable for my family?

How do I know if a movie is suitable for my family besides the rating ?

Answer #1

Depeneds on your family. Stick to comedy mostly. If they are younger, things like dreamworks, shrek and madagascar are good. But be careful, some comedies are all about sex.

Answer #2

Remember to look at the box under the rating it tells why the rating, violence, adult content etc. that will give you a little more info. If you ever have a specific movie question ask me I watch them all on dvd

Answer #3

It’s advisable to watch it first, away from the kids. “Screening” is very wise. And look at it thru your child’s eyes. What would scare or bore you at the same age? Also a good idea to ask the child’s teacher(s) what is recommended. I remember when the big dinosaur movie was out in the 90’s my son’s 4th grade teacher went out of her way to tell me not to take him to the theater for it. My son ended up seeing it on video at a friend’s house: but on the small screen it isn’t as scary. Big screens lend more believability & could be more frightening. I admire parents who care enough about their kids to spare the kids adult or scary venues.

Answer #4

something funny is good espically if you have younger kids in your family

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