Why will it take 40 hours to download pictures?

I need pics of grandkids but my computer says it will take 40 hours to download what do I do ?

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Yes putting them there to see is a good idea. If J's mom wants a hard copy she can have the kids send them to a wal+mart album and then she can order the ones she wants from the album and they will print them out for her in an hours time.

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The problem is that it's a mac photo gallery which my mom can't download the pics from, and it's on a web site where all the thumbnails have to load at once before you can see anything &s he's on a dial up connnection :(

Lemme see if I can get her to email you some pictures :)

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Dear janet,
This is depending on how you're downloading them and from what? Are they on a CD, zip drive etc. then they should open in a graphic viewer without a wait...if you want to copy them to your hard drive try doing a few at a time. If you give it a few minutes you may see it go from 40hrs. to 5 min. The computer reads it as one lump sum at first then adjusts.
Sue...good luck

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Try uploading the photos to www.photobucket.com and then she can copy them with out having to download them.
Oh Hi Jeremy's Mom. . .

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I think your children should be able to send yousomething that won't take quite so long to download. (hi mom) :)

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