What has kept you from "falling off the wagon"?

Answer #1

my fear of gravity

Answer #2

My son and family is the main reason ive been able to change my life around and keep sober and out of trouble. I honestly believe if i didnt have my son, i would either be in prison or dead from an overdose by now. I was using a 8ball of coke a day, drinking a pint of vodka a day, and using any other miscellaneous dr.ugs that came my way. Its a wonder im still alive. The tempation with always be there, but the love i have for my children and my fiance overpowers that addiction and reminds me that this life is better.

Answer #3

I know I say I want to give up and end my life all the time, but the fact that I want to be successful when I graduate college/high school and go off into the world and leave my name in “books”, another reason is cause my church is by my side, I know I would be lost if I stopped going.

A bigger reason is my brother and friends, I know they wouldn’t want to see my life crash and burn and see how hard it will be to get back up again. Like my best friend says: Always look at the positives

Answer #4

I came very close to falling off the wagon, and the fear of hitting rock bottom keeps me from reverting back to my old ways. I’m very lucky that I’ve realized how much my life is worth, and how productive I could be if I only tried. I’m too afraid to drink, swallow, and snort all of my money and sanity away, and run the risk of being a homeless vagrant.

Answer #5

I just never got on the wagon in the first place.

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