why do fall in and out of love so fast?

Answer #1

Its not love, its lust.

Answer #2

Most likely because you weren’t “in love” in the first place.

Answer #3

Falling in love is the easy part but staying in love is much harder !

Answer #4

I’m going to have to agree with the majority idea here – it was most likely lust. Real love, in my opinion, consists of something that’s formed over a longer period of time. It’s not something that’s THAT easy to walk away from. Love has a deeper connection.

Answer #5

When you have to walk away and it’s hard, how do you know if it was love, or just attachment? I have a weird phobia where I think I don’t really love people (even family) and that it’s just an attachment for me lol

Answer #6

its kinda fun. :P

Answer #7

quote “theres always some one better” never believe in that quote as that person said the brain go’s through thoughts then you see some one hoter and ‘snap’ you got the love bug out of your sistem.

Answer #8

its probably not love. maybe more lust and attraction towards a person. and you probably dont know what you want

Answer #9

the science behind it…. the butterflies and the “love” your body makes you feel only lasts for about nine months after that its the relationship you formed in that time that holds you together…. so if that bond is weak when the chemical attraction fails so does your love

Answer #10

I can promise it wasn’t love. once you actually truly love someone, you always will, even if they use you…. you may hate them and you’ll still love them, no matter how long you try and unlove them or forget them.

Answer #11

when you love someone so much, its never easy to forget that someone .. its going to take time ! its hard .. and in your case .. its not true love or “THE LOVE” its probably just love

Answer #12

you dont fall out of love. once you love someone, you always will or you never did. simple as that.

Answer #13

Because every body has a dream of finding that one true lobe and when someone new comes along who they think they like they leave the one they love to chase their dream

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