What can I use for fake tears in a play?

What can I use for fake tears in a play?

Answer #1

i do theatre make-up , the best thing to use is glycerine , but there are other alternatives like menthol tear sticks/blowers these work okish (make your eyes water stings), but if you want the tears to be seen under stage lighting id paint them on and then put glycerine over the top .

Answer #2

Lol, yeah think of something real sad, like the price of gas. That makes me cry every time i fill up.

Answer #3


In the filmmaking.net forums, it’s suggested that you use glycerine for fake tears: apparently you should be able to find it at any acting supply store.

Also, in a lot of movies/TV shows, they use simple saline solution.

Hope that helps!

Answer #4

or think of something really sad like having a dog die in your arms to make you cry

Answer #5

or you could use eyedrops…

Answer #6

onion juice or lemon juice, I sugest onion juice

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