fake eyelashes

im curious about them. so I fancy trying them out see what they look like :P should I not wear eyeliner while I have them on. I dont want it to look over the top and tacky like.

Answer #1

ahh. I say that you should probably wear a thinn line of eyelinerr. but I mean its your choice.(:

Answer #2

I love fake eyelashes you can wear eyeliner if you want but they also look good without eyeliner its your choice

Answer #3

you could use some liquid eyeliner and cover up thelittle part that you stick to your face.

Answer #4

I dont see a problem with eyeliner too. just try it on with them and see if you like it and try it without. even ask someone there opinion with or without.

Answer #5

It’s whatever you think looks good :) Eyeliner isn’t really over the top if you think about it. Just try it and if you think it’s a little too much for your liking you can always wipe it off.

Answer #6

it just kinda depends on your own personal style and what you normally do makeup wise. would it b like just black eyeliner or like sparlky stuff er sumpten???

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