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I smoke 20 fags a day how cn I cut this down as its a fiver for 20 an its gettin real xpensiv an I h8 smokin backy (rolled fags)

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Ah the joy of quitting smoking. I would like to let you know that I quit smoking at close to a pack (20 smokes) a day cold turkey, and have now been smoke free for just over 4 months. So, it CAN be done. The best things that I found to help me quit smoking were toothpicks (because you want something in your mouth all the time, just don't chew them because they will splinter) gum, play doh- to keep your hands busy, and just exercising OR getting video games- because they too keep your hands busy. I never used any stop smoking aids, because the best method for me was to just get the nicotine out in one swoop. The first week is horrible.
I will not lie to you.

Days 1-3 are like being progressively sicker, you feel like crap.
but around day 4, it starts to get easier.
You will be able to function normally.

But... it's different for everyone. So what might have been super difficult for me may be easy for you.

Make a list of the reasons you want to quit. Set a date to quit. Then get yourself amped up. And remember- when you dont smell like an ashtray all the time... it's really quite liberating.

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Go to your local doctors.
They will give you an appointment with a nurse who will help you to stop smoking.
She will give you advice on stopping and the risks of smoking.
They will gather information about you and how many fags you smoke.
Then then will give you a prescription for a stop smoking aid such as niccoret patches.
You can also buy these on your own. But they are around £15 for a box that lasts for one week.

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Cutting straws, for the hand-to-mouth habit is great it really helped me just having the motion is calming.. good luck

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