How can i make my facial hair grow?

I am 17 years old. How do I make facial hair grow fast?

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just keep shaving it. itll grow faster and longer the more you shave. But dont shave it one day, then wake up the next morning and shave again when there isnt anything there. wait till more grows in, then shave.

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im 16 almost 17, got my goatee coming in but I've been shavin since I was 16 so thats why im probaly gettin facial hair, but keep shavin, let it grow all the way out then shave it keep doin that and ull get some results from it

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"Patients", LOL. "Patience"

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Just wait.According to latest research shaving does not help.

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go to the doctor and tell them your nut havent dropped yet, and maybe they will write a prescription.

How do I grow facial hair fast?
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just shave whenever hair grows in and keep doing this eventually you'll beable to grow a full beard if you wanted

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I've been trying the shaving thing since I turned 15, and now I'm 25... and I'm just now starting to get somewhat of a goatee. Shaving doesn't help, I shave my entire face (not my forehead or under my eyes) and everything except what has grown is soft and blondish. As for shaving your legs, did that once, it came back darker, but no other hair has that I've shaved.

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... Try havin patients =]

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jack off a lot

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put fresh crush garlic in yor face before you take a shower. half an hour before you take a shower do it every day and ull c results.

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when you shave your face and d next mornin you c a little bit growin dont shave it again! until it grows more in length cuzz not all of the hair has regrwn

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U will need: A woman, some scissors and some PVA glue.

Step 1: Dive down into your girlfriends knickers.

Step 2: Take the scissors and cut a clump of hair from her Monkey.

Step 3: Take the PVA glue and smuver your face in it.

Step 4: Apply the hair carefully to your face.

And there you have a beard made from your girlfriends Monkey. Good Luck.

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BS! Shaving does so help! This might be TMI but I shave my legs just above my knee. I do it because I have sensitive skin and id get razor burn above my knee. Anyways! Its like peach fuzz above my know like hair you have anywhere else on your body that ya cant really see. My point is if I had kept shaving above my knee it would feel like the hair does below my knee when it grows in (thicker and darker-like when a man doesnt shave ya digg) So yes shaving can help you to have your hair grow in thicker and darker. Whew that was a lot to type. Bleh. Good luck...

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Try drinking a beer or maybe sum dip... just man up a little

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lmfao "shave your balls and glue the hair to your face"

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try rubbing some ladyjuice like soiner said it works and you enjoy it

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Don't stress, most girls find facial hair repulsive. =P

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shave your cats hair and glue it on

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shave your balls and glue the hair to your face

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At your age, if you shave the youth 'fuzz', it will become thicker and grow more rapid initially.

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stand on 1 leg and jack off 4 times a weak, it work quickly.

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stand on 1 leg and jack off 3 time a week, works quickly but give it some time if results arent immediate.

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Lolz my uncle always told me eat some chocha and rub it in real good me being a young dumb kid I tried it I don't know if im going crazy or what but I started growing some facial hair and fast my advice to you is to get a nice clean church girl and eat away ;)

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Keep your face clean, shave every 2 or three weeks for as long as you feel you need to. I waited till I saw more stubble, also try using palmers hair grow formula every day or two, its for your head, but it worked for me.

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I'm 16 and I have almost a full beard since 14 I've had facial hair you just need to wait and see how you turn out I didn't know I was going to have some so young.

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