How can I get into my son's Facebook account?

I need to know asap! thanks

Answer #1

you dont. leave him alone.

Answer #2

Dont do it. You may think its for the best, but my dad used to do it. It’ll make your son feel insecure your checking up on him. Make him feel like you don’t trust him. Thats the worst thing in the world. either.

A) Talk to him

B) Trust him

C) Leave him alone.

Answer #3

Talk to him about it. And let him know that you’re concerned. If you’re really worried, you can always install a keylogger on his computer (to capture keystrokes, etc) which would then archive his username / password.

However, I’d strongly advise talking to him before installing spyware on his computer & violating his sense of privacy.

Answer #4

There is also always the option of getting a facebook to use so you can see your son’s account. My dad did that, and even though its really annoying, you have to give him props for creativity. If you do that, you can look at his profile/wall/pictures etc. Good luck! :)

Answer #5

Contact info @

Facebook might be able to help you out.

If it’s hacking you’re wanting, we don’t advocate that and it’s illegal.

xox Sika

Answer #6

If you are wanting to look at his a social site page just to make sure everything is good, then try going on his computer when he isn’t home. If your instincts are telling you that something isn’t right, listen to them. Do everything with love but stand your ground and be firm. Know his friends. Know where he is. Set a reasonable curfew and make him stick to this. Don’t buy him his own car. Let him borrow the family car and pay the gas when he uses it. A teen’s brain matures slower than their body. They will say that they know better than to drink and drive but they really don’t. They take risks at this age and believe they are invincible. They want more than anything to fit in with their “friends” who really may not be the greatest “friend” if that is someone who would never encourage you to do something that would cause harm. We only get 1 chance to to raise them and they only get 1 chance at life. Just love him and be brave when he gets mad because you are setting limits. Better than planning a funeral or visiting in prison.

Answer #7

mabe you should just talk to him couse if you break in to his face book he probly will never trust you or talk to you for a long long long time

Answer #8

I guess it’ll be better to leave him along.. how old is your son ?

Answer #9


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