eyebrow piercing, which side?

I just turned 18 and I’m getting eye brow pierced I was just wndering wich side people usally get it on

Answer #1

either side, its up to you I had my left one and then got both done again and be aware that its a surface piercing which means its NOT permanent and it WILL grow out the amount of time it takes to grow out depends on your body and how you take care of it it could last a week-a few months or it could last a few years but its NOT going to last forever and when it eventually grows out it will leave a very permanent and noticeable scar as well as either a raised bump of skin or an indent, or both so have a good think about it before you get it done

Answer #2

I got mine pierced on the right side.

Answer #3

I got the left side pierced because I sleep on my right side

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