Can you get eye infections if you use a Sharpie for eyeliner?

Answer #1

It has the potential to be dangerous, especially if you get it in your eye. I’d imagine you could get an infection. I would stick to eyeliner.

Answer #2

yes like if after you put the marker on and wash it off at the end of the day and if your skin is irritated that means your skin probaly can have a chance of being broken then the sharpie will infect your eye.

Answer #3

At the very least, the fumes from the marker would get into your teat ducts, causing your eyes to burn and water. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Answer #4

Your eye sight is extremely precious, arguably more so than even the use of your limbs. Why mess with something like that? You’re likely to irritate your skin, cause some sort of damage to your eye, for what?

Answer #5

I wish I asked this before gym …lol I was desperate! I washed it of like an hour after I put it on though… I hope I’m ok, my mom will keel me if I get an eye infection:(

Answer #6

Why would you use sharpie ? Thats insane.It’s no good for your skin,very hard to get off and can damage your eye severely.Use eyeliner like everyone else.

Answer #7

I would but I lost mine and I was desprate. and it came off very easy.

Answer #8

I think she’d be more worried about the fact that you got an eye infection. You’re probably fine. If it starts to hurt or whatever, just tell your mom. And don’t put stuff that’s not supposed to be on your skin, near your eye, from now on.

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