What are easy eye care tips?

What are the most popular eye care tips or habits that are easy to do?

Answer #1

Most popular eye care tips are to clean your eyes regularly with fresh clean tap water. Specially when you come back from outside you must have the habit of cleaning your eyes and face. If you use contact lens of nature daily removal type, then you should wash keep it in the proper disinfecting solution. While in outside at sunshine you should you eyeglasses or sunglasses which give a tanted shadow effect as well as it protect your eyes from UV rays of the sun which are very dangerous for your eyes and vision. Do not use sunglasses of common type which are not made to give protection against ultraviolet rays of the sun. You can refer this site for more regular eye care tips at http://eyecare123.blogspot.com/2008/12/personal-vision-care.html

Answer #2

Hm, I think you meant to ask about beauty tips for the eyes, not necessarily eye care - to me, that sounds like making sure you clean your contact lenses, etc.

A lot of women pluck their eyebrows…that could be considered eye care, I suppose. Is that the kind of advice you’re looking for?

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