How do you remove eye bags?

How to remove my eye bags?

Answer #1

ok this sounds werid but get an eye cream under your eyes put orange lipstick and out it underyour eye then cover it up with conceler, fousation and powder good luck :D

Answer #2

Cold compresses for 10 or fifteen minutes followed by a great concealer or moisturizer.

You can buy cold compress eye masks that you can refrigerate and wear on your eyes. Sold in make up isles.

Answer #3

I cant get rid of my eye bag it really lose my self confidence because it makes me feel old I’m afraid to look at the mirror to see it everyday that it getting worse will somebody help me? I Do Take eye cream but it does not help what else can I do? suggestions please

Answer #4

Whether or not you can remove eye bags all depends on if they’re hereditary or not. A good way to determine that is to examine the colour. If they’re purplish, it’s probably due to lack or sleep not genetics, but if they’re brownish, you have genetics to blame. If it’s genetics, there’s nothing you can do but make sure you get enough sleep and invest in a good concealor. If the bags are bluish, try a concealor with red undertones to conteract the blue (or, dot some red lip liner on them then smugde it in, great trick I learned). Some other tips are getting enough fluids so they don’t get puffy, putting cold tea bags or spoons on them and sleeping with your head elevated. Also try a shimmery concealor(not glitter,shimmer) to reflect light and brighten up your whole eye area.I have bags myself (thanks to my Italian mother,lol), but they’re usually not too bad if I follow those tips. Peace! O

Answer #5

use ice

Answer #6

I have hereditary eye bags and they drive me crazy. I can’t get rid of them completely and some days are better than others. but what I do that helps is firstly I get a cold bowl of water and put cucumber and a bag chamomile in it and let it soak for a while then I repetitively soak my face in it for about ten seconds several times. after my face dries I put on my face lotion and an eye oil. I am prone to acne to I use argan oil around the eyes or olive oil works well too. also try not to drink water two hours before bed because you retain more water during your sleep. so they will be worse in the morning if you do. and try to avoid to much salt as well.

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