Extreme upper back pain

okay well a couple days ago I started having extreme pains on the RIGHT side of my upper back and I went to an Urgent Care Center and the doctor said I was having muscle spasms and she prescribed me some medication such as anti-inflammitories (sp?) and muscle relaxer and pain medicine. its been a couple days since I've been taking the medicines and the pain has only gotten worse! its killing me and now when I breathe in and take a deep breath it hurts. I got an appointment for this thursday to go to a doctor..but I wanted to see if any of yall have expierenced anything like this before ? or what could be the causes of this pain ?? :( thnx a lot

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Hope this helps:




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thanks you guys :)

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go to a chiropractor...its real good!!

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ouch!! I have no idea...srry :( but I do hope you find out what's wrong and get better :)

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