What extracurricular activities did you/do you participate in school and are there any you wish you would have done?

I wasnt very social while in school and the only extracurriculars i participated in were art club and GLADD (gator leaders against destructive decisions). I always was interested in drama…but never got up the guts to actually try it out.

Answer #1

I’m still in high school and right now I’m playing baseball(obviously), band, jazz band, art club, and rotary club(school fundraising). But this is my senior yr so I guess I can’t really choose to do anything else but if I had a choice to do anything I would have played football as well, only reason I didnt was because of my overly protective parents.

Answer #2

When I was in lower school, I used to go to all the sports clubs, like, football, netball, hockey, tennis, rounders, etc. But I don’t do anymore. I just don’t have the time. :/

Answer #3

Well I played velleyball, softball, and basketball. I was in the drama club, yearbook club and class treasurer, it all wasn’t easy but I have always been one to push myself. That GLADD program seesms like it wud be nice

Answer #4

i am currently a senior in high school and i have never joined anything except for choir. i am not in anything right now but there are times i thought that maybe it would have been good to join different clubs. but i don’t really regret it because it has given me time to focus on my classes. and that is what matters the most to me at school not the activities.

Answer #5

Drama and yearbook type thing, I also was like the head of the sports thing for a year (which is weird because I never actually did any sports, and yet we won that year), and class president type stuff. It was a small school and my teachers loved me. Kinda meant I was involved whether I wanted to be or not.

Answer #6

I didnt participate in too many extracurricular activies, because I was quite busy with leadership roles. I was in choir though, and participated in stage challenge and shakespeare festival.

Answer #7

haha I was deputy leader of my house at school, which mostly involved sporting events. I used my position to get out of actually partipating!

Answer #8

ha! exactly! (you guys had houses too! i was in the green house) although i guess being a good organizer was kinda why they put me in charge. The next year the girl in charge dumped it on me too while she went out to participate. Worked out well. I got to hold a clipboard and tell people what to do, and she got to go swim.

Answer #9

I am in band and volleyball :) i

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