Can someone explain Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" to me?

Just briefly with the basic ideas

Answer #1

Hehe this reminds me of my world religions class, and editing my boyfriend’s philosophy essays. Basically inside the cave are people, the only thing else in there is a big fire. Now, because these people are chained here, what is real to them, are the shadows of the cave for that is all that they see and can perceive of the world as they are “stuck” there. Now is this the truth? Their reality, is that the truth? For these prisoners, these shadows are the reality of the world and their truth as that is all they have seen. But in truth there is much more to the world outside of the cave. Now, if the prisoners break from their chains and leave the cave, they will have to learn the things in the world as all they have been accustomed to, is what is inside the cave. Other men, would be afraid to leave the cave and see the real world for himself as for him, the shadows are real, and his reality.

Answer #2

A man’s world is limited by his experiences. Reality and truth are what what you’ve learned to perceive that way. The society you live in creates norms for reality, morality, what is normal and what is not. If you discover there is more than that to the real world, and you try to tell that to the people in your society, they will label you crazy, they will get away from you or even try to destroy you, because you tried to destroy what they believed in.

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