How do you explain to a child what "before" and "after" means?

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You show them with examples. For example : Have three block on a table. Now take one of the table. Then say a silly word. Then put the block back on the table. Ask them what you did "before" saying the silly word, and show them again. Repeat this for the word after....sounds a lot more confusing when I'm typing it out but this works for my two year old.

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Thank you, I'll try this on her and if it doesn't work, I'm hoping you have a plan B :)

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before is some thing that take place in the begaining. like you need to eat before you brush your teeth. after is something that takes place in the end. like after you take your bath get ready for bed .it rather simple use every day things in life to explane to a child they can relate to it better.

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