Expensive cat

I’m moving out soon and after my freshman year in college plan to take my cat with me. However I’m not sure if I can afford to not only is it more expensive to have a cat in an apartment but my cat also gets sick a lot. This is because she wa s the runt of the litter. She doesn’t even go outside cause it scares her yet she get sick a lot. For example we took her to get vaccinated after taking her she started to throw and swell she had to go back to vet for overnite observation which is really pricey. She not old. How can I manage with such an expensive cat?

Answer #1

If you cant afford her talk to your parents about paying her bills, otherwise consider leaving her with them. If she isnt in contact with other cats she probably will be less likely to catch stuff though… If you keep her indoors with you I doubt she’d fall sick…

Answer #2

Obviously she had an allergic reaction to the vacinations…now you only need to know which one…Rabies, Leukemia, Distemper? Since you’ve already put money into her, you may as well go a little further, and investigate the allergy. It may be that there are different vaccines that can be used.


Answer #3

No that was only one example of her being sick she caught ringworm and all the other cats (we have 4) didn’t get sick. Also she gets mini coolds fequently its just that ona 8 dollars and hour I can afford the bills up till now my parents have paid for it.

Answer #4

u should leave her with your family if she is young when you visit or come back she we b there

Answer #5

She probably had an allergic reaction to the vacination, doesnt mean she’s always going to be sick…

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