What can I expect in my 2nd week of BCP's?

Side effects what will happen? I’m on Loestrin 24 Fe and anyone who can help me out please please do!

Answer #1

Lets see umm, headaches, nausea, cramps, mood swings, bleeding or spotting, weight gain, breast tenderness. That’s all I got I’m sure there is more but you know you might not have many side effects if any but yeah these are the side effects you could possibly hv until your body gets use to the hormones in the pill. Hope this helps :)

Answer #2

Everyone has different reactions to different birthcontrols, I had been on ortho tri cyclen and it made me depressed as can be. Now i’m on Ovcon-50 for endometriosis and i’ve had no side effects what so ever :)

Answer #3

Im not sure about that one. but i have been on Ocella for 6 months and i didnt have symptoms but migraines and my doctor related it to stress and school. but you could experience head aches, cramps (almost like a period, i did have them oneday), spotting, weight gain, and a few others. hope all goes well.

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