Who gets exited when you see a zombie movie?

Answer #1

MEE ^_^

Answer #2

lol the only one iwas actually exited bout was shawn of the dead. Awesome movie! so humorous.

Answer #3

I see,read,write,draw things zombie related lol

Answer #4

Not me.

Answer #5

only if its a good zombie movie

Answer #6

if someone isn’t eaten within 10 min. i wont watch it.

Answer #7

I like any movie that is good… So if its a good Zombie movie, I get excited! :-)

Answer #8

That was an awsum movie! Think I’m gonna go rent it… again! lol!

Answer #9

I don’t see the draw, but my brother was SO excited that they made a movie with his name and it’s actually spelled the same “Shaun”….LOL He loves zombie movies, too. He got a zombie tattoo on his arm! You know that zombie app on iPhones? He designed a zombie and that’s his tattoo. Nuts, huh?

Answer #10

there awesome i love that new series walking dead on A&E

Answer #11

me too!

Answer #12

ooo! zombies r fun!

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