What are some examples of being Inflexible and Cold-hearted?

Answer #1

cold hearted: your freind’s dog just died, and you don’t care at all, you even show you don’t care to his face.

inflexible: not moving for years…

Answer #2

Well this is very hard issue to cover because people show emotions differently. Some people may appear to be cold, but they also may be crying on the inside, while showing a cold hard appearance on the outside. I was in the Army and I meet a lot of people that most would think where cold, but they were shielding them selves from emotion, it was there armor from the truth.

Answer #3

Inflexible - Will not budge a bit on rules.

Cold Hearted - You hurt your friends feeling and don’t care.

Answer #4

Don’t care or not strong enough to admit you are wrong.

Answer #5

oh my gosh!

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