How exactly is teasing hair done?

Why is it so popular?

So I swear every girl in my school has her hair teased every single day, I don’t get it how they do it, and I’m curious, not because I’m going to do it, with my curly hair it’s impossible, but how is it done, and why did it become so popular all of a sudden?

Answer #1

That whole scene thing. I think its ridiculous. It makes you look like a troll doll. its so ugly -.-

Answer #2

I think it’s pretty sexy. A lot of my guy friends like it, My hair used to be like that and I got tons of compliments. But hey not everyone can embrace the “troll doll” look…

Answer #3

But anyways you gotta razor your hair to do it and then take a comb slide it up and down and blow dry it a lil

Answer #4

Here, this may help. And it’s a style, like any other style…

Answer #5

its a look ur just really take a burst to starighned hair get strands and tug up ad down it is commen in scene kids but i love it and i see plenty of preps with it to

Answer #6

i just get the comb and tease it alot with hairspray it and it comes out good and no evryone does not look like a troll doll with it depending on how big you do it!

Answer #7

1st pick the part of the hair you want to tease 2nd put some hairspray on the hair you picked finally take your teasing brush (small comb) and go up and down the hair really fast when you’re done smooth the hair down with your hands.

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